The digital teaching assistant for programming courses.

Our vision and mission

Programming is learned by doing and by making mistakes. We believe that anybody can learn how to program, if only they get the right guidance.

EduCode helps you guide your students. It relieves you of the tedious tasks that come with assessing code. So you can do what you do best: teach.

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EduCode is your central code collection. All students’ code can be found there. You can see exactly what your students handed in, what they have questions about, and how they progress.

Compile, test, assess

Tell EduCode what you require from your students, and EduCode checks that for you. It compiles code and runs it with your tests. You decide how much your students get to see.

Test whether your students comply to minimal requirements? Give students automatic feedback based on their program's performance? Decide on correctness? EduCode does that all for you.

Programming languages

EduCode supports practically any programming language. Currently, we are up and running for the languages below. Is your desired language not in the list? Send us a request, and we will fix it for you.

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The team behind EduCode



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Frequently asked questions

How do I start using EduCode?

The usual way new customers start using EduCode is requesting a demo.

How reliable is EduCode?

No application should let you down. We make EduCode fast, reliable, and scalable. We use innovative techniques in our development, and make sure the servers are reliable and close to you.

How secure is EduCode?

We value privacy and security very much. We comply with modern security guidelines and standards; you can trust us. Also, all your intellectual property stays yours.

How is your customer service?

We expect you do not have much trouble using EduCode. If you do need help for some reason, we are happy to support you. If you are a customer, you can reach us on our personal email adresses and phone numbers. If you wish, we come visit you to help you, give a demonstration, or inform you about EduCode.

I have a compliment / an idea / a request, how can I reach you?

Please! We love to hear from you. You can use the contact form or email us at


Are you curious about how EduCode can improve education at your institute? Try our demo. It's free, and helps you experience the benefits of EduCode yourself.

Do you want some questions answered before you try EduCode? Feel free to contact us.

Contact us

We invite you to contact us if you have ideas, questions, requests, or compliments. You can reach us at

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